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The higher vocational professional program in security is intended for all those who wish to actively engage in the planning, organizing, and monitoring of personal or corporate security.

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Programme description

As recent global research shows the presence of and demand for security management profession has been on the increase. With a growing public concern in regard to safety – in terms of property as well as personal safety – and due to the resulting growing employment demands in this field, the study of Security is becoming one of the most dynamic and fastest growing fields of study.

We live in a time, when safeguarding of persons and assets has become a part of our everyday lives, which is why the needs to employ security engineers have been continuously growing.

The challenges that security engineers face have become ever more subtle and reach both to the fields of corporate safety, safeguarding of persons and information security. In numerous companies security management has moved from the
background to the foreground, which resulted in growing needs for educated and well-trained experts in this field.

Location of studies?

Ljubljana and Maribor

Acquired education?

Security engineer (VI/1)

Duration of studies?

2 years or less

Who can enroll?

Enrollment is open to anyone who has:

completed general or vocational maturity exam (matura) or equivalent education under previous regulations or

has passed the master craftsman, supervisor, or manager exam, has three years of work experience, and has passed the knowledge test in general education subjects to the extent determined for vocational maturity exam (matura) in secondary vocational education.

If you have any further questions before enrolling, please feel free to call us or visit our school’s headquarters in person, on any working day between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., at:

Ljubljana | Devinska ulica 1 | 01/ 2444 210

Maribor | Ulica heroja Šlandra 13 | 02/ 2345 290

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What do you need for enrollment?

For enrollment, you need:

A personal identification document with a photo and proof of any change of surname, if it differs from your certificates (e.g., a marriage certificate),

Authentic documents of your previous education (high school diploma from the last year and a certificate of completion),

Two passport-sized photos (3 x 3.5 cm).

If you have any further questions regarding enrollment, we will be happy to assist you.


Economics and entrepreneurship
Business communication and management
Computer and information science in security
Professional communication in a foreign language
Information-communication systems
Security and health at work
Law and state regulation
Human rights protection and basic liberties
with ethics and integrity
Introduction into personal protection
Penal law and criminalistics
Administrative law
Security personnel measures
Organisation of transports, interventions and public gatherings
(15 ECTS)
Planning Safeguarding of people
Tactics of personal security
Specialised drive
Arms and shooting
Private security management with
procedures and methods of control
Security planning
Cooperation with other security subjects
Technical items in safeguarding of property systems
Security of information systems
Includes parts of all selected modules
(5 ECTS)
(5 ECTS)

Tuition fee

Individual Tuition Fee Calculation

You can settle the entire tuition fee for the entire study program in 24 or 30 interest-free monthly installments. The option for installment payments starts from 145 EUR per month. When paying the tuition fee for each academic year in a single lump sum, you are eligible for an additional 100 € discount.

We will calculate your tuition fee individually based on the obligations you must fulfill within the program and according to your preferences regarding the payment method.

For an individual calculation of your tuition fee, please contact us.

lectures, tutorials, and consultations,
access to lecture and tutorial recordings,
all examinations, including retakes,
the option to improve your grades,
handling of applications by the academic committee,
guidance for effective learning,
electronic learning materials,
access to the online learning environment.
For more detailed information about tuition fees, please contact us or visit the school’s headquarters on weekdays between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM at:
Ljubljana | Tržaška cesta 42 | 01/ 2444 210
Maribor | Glavni trg 17 | 02/ 2345 290
Third year tuition-free: Our study programs last for two academic years, but if you wish to progress more quickly, we support you. If you do not succeed within two years, you can study the third year for free.
Financial difficulties: We understand and assist if you find yourself in financial difficulties. The education contract can be modified.
Free extraordinary exam session: If you need an extraordinary exam session, we provide it free of charge.
Recognition of prior knowledge: The knowledge you bring with you counts. Consequently, tuition fees may be lower. Obtain information about recognized exams before enrollment! Call us.
Free access to Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft Imagine Academy (more information here)

Tuition Payment

You can pay the tuition fee in installments, either monthly, semi-annually, or annually. If you encounter financial difficulties, you can arrange for a change in the payment method to continue your education without interruption.

Lower Tuition Fees with Prior Knowledge

Attention! The more knowledge you bring with you, the lower the tuition fee.

With us, the knowledge you have acquired in your previous education or through work is recognized and incorporated into your program as completed exams. We assess this based on an initial interview with the student and the relevant documentation (certificates and records).

At Sofizo Vocational college we understand that education
is of paramount importance in shaping the future.

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ekonomija študij

Our professional team of experienced teachers ensures high-quality education that promotes critical thinking, creativity, and independent learning. A collaborative approach enables students to actively engage in the learning process and develop communication and teamwork skills.

Knowledge Guarantee

A personalized approach

We are constantly monitoring your progress, assisting you, and providing advice. Throughout your education, you will receive our support.

Working on practical examples

Not only theoretical knowledge, but you will also gain skills for successful work in the business environment.

You are at the center of it all

Your success and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Experienced professors

You will acquire practical knowledge and firsthand experience.

You choose the pace of education and the payment method

We enable you to complete your education in the shortest possible time and offer monthly tuition payments.

Listening to the needs of adults in education

The course and method of education are fully tailored to your needs.

Is this the right program for you?

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