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Training lasts two to three years, with the exception of retraining which you can complete in 10 months. Of course, the length of your training depends mainly on the pace you choose and how much time you are willing to devote to your studies each month.

When you enrol, we first draw up your personal education plan, which includes the requirements you need to meet to graduate successfully. The order in which you complete the missing requirements is not that important. What is important is that you complete all the requirements in the programme you are enrolled in so that you can take the vocational baccalaureate or the final exam.

We provide electronically supported education. We do not offer distance learning in the sense that you never have to come to school. Electronic materials are available on the school’s portal through which you are connected to the school and to your classmates throughout your education.

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a one-off grade increase in the course,

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certificates of completion of educational obligations,

electronic exam registration,

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information and advice on education,

a mobile app for information,

SMS notification.

You can pay the tuition in monthly installments without interest. We grant you an additional discount when you pay the tuition fees for each year in a lump sum. Installment repayment is more favorable than a bank loan. The amount of the monthly payment is fixed.

However, since we can recognise the obligations you have already completed at other schools and consequently reduce the tuition fee, we will calculate the tuition fee for you individually. Therefore, we advise you to consult with our professional colleagues.


Lectures are held in the afternoon, between 17:00 and 20:00. Weekends are always free. You will receive a year-round timetable at the beginning of the school year so that you can organise your commitments. You are always informed of any changes in good time via the mobile app or by text message.

Lectures in Ljubljana are held at the school’s headquarters, Devinska ulica 1, and at the NH Maks Pečar Primary School, Črnuška cesta 9.

Lectures in Maribor take place at the school’s headquarters, Glavni trg 17.

Attendance is not compulsory, but highly recommended, especially in subjects such as mathematics, foreign languages and professional modules. Lectures in vocational subjects have a strong practical focus on applied knowledge and skills that are crucial for your career success. Not all knowledge can be acquired from books alone.


The exam for each course is always after the course lectures have been completed. Examinations are written and/or oral. In some subjects, the examination is a defence of a written seminar paper.



We know that many of you have gained a lot of knowledge and experience in the course of your work. There are also many of you who have successfully obtained various certificates. If we find that your prior informally acquired knowledge is relevant to the objectives of the course, you may be recognised as having completed the course requirements.

If you need to complete your practical training, the school will help you with advice, information and materials. You can choose the employer you want to do your practical training with or the school can offer it to you.

If you have the required work experience, the practical training can be recognised.

It puts you and your needs at the heart of what happens. It’s about individual attention.

In the office, we know you by name, you are not a number. We don’t have office hours, but you can always call or visit us in person. You are always welcome!

All the professionals work in a spirit of kindness and understanding.

Excellent professors and lecturers from practice who know how to find the knowledge in you. The trainees have rated them 4.6 on a scale of 1-5.

Fear of school and professors is a thing of the past. ‘Harder’ subjects take on their own meaning. Education becomes a pleasure.

Financial benefits.

Excellent payment conditions (even in instalments over the months of study).

Free multiple revision of exams.

The possibility to ‘freeze your education’.

No hidden costs; the price of your education is fully known to you when you sign the contract.

Modern equipment and online learning service.

Little theory, lots of practice. Fully practical oriented training. Lots of exercises and integration with real examples from the everyday business world.

Satisfied employers.

Tradition – more than 3,400 graduates in total.

A publicly valid education, demonstrated by a certificate or diploma.

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