Postanite elektrotehnik in si pridobite pomembne veščine s področja elektrotehniške ter računalniške stroke. Če vas zanima elektrotehnika, srednja šola B2 Sofizo znatno povečuje vašo zaposljivost, zato ne čakajte več, ampak začnite postavljati temelje uspešne kariere na področju elektrotehnike.

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Why become an electrical engineer?

Did you know that electrical engineering is listed as a deficit profession in Slovenia? That’s why it can be confidently classified as a promising profession, as the needs on the labour market continue to grow.

You will acquire skills not only in electrical engineering, but also in computer science, and you will strengthen your professional skills to work successfully in a real-life environment.

The programme focuses on combining theory and practice, with a choice of professional modules and an open curriculum that will provide you with the basic entrepreneurial skills you need to develop your own business. The development of communication skills, organisational skills and teamwork, in addition to expertise in electrical engineering, are the guarantee of success in the business world.

Experienced electricians can progress to supervisors, become project managers, many set up their own businesses and many are employed as electrical inspectors.

Now is the time to take the opportunity to get into a profession that opens many doors, both in terms of your career and further education.

Location of school?



You decide the duration of the training.


Get a V level education and a profession as an electrician/electrical technician.

Who can enrol?

You can enrol if you have successfully completed:

primary education or

lower vocational education or equivalent education under the previous regulations.


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What do you need to enrol?

To enrol you need:

a photo ID and proof of change of surname if different from the one on your certificates (e.g. marriage certificate),

authentic evidence of previous schooling (primary school leaving certificate, secondary school certificates by year, evidence of retraining, differential examinations, diplomas, certificates, etc.),

a 3 x 3.5 cm picture of yourself.

You can register at the B2 Sofizo Education Centre throughout the year. The registration fee and the first instalment of the tuition fee must be paid at the time of enrolment.

Should you have further questions about enrolment, we are happy to answer them.

Course book

Program elektrotehnika (srednja šola) zajema predmete, ki so splošnoizobraževalne narave, ter tiste, ki pokrivajo vsa potrebna znanja, ki jih elektrotehnik potrebuje za uspešno delo v delovnem okolju. Strokovni moduli se delijo na obvezni in izbirni del. Kolikšen del predmetnika boste morali ‘pokriti’ za uspešno zaključen program, bomo ugotavljali že ob prvem srečanju. Pri vpisu se bomo namreč z vami pogovorili o vaših pričakovanjih, interesih in željah. Vaš program oziroma osebni izobraževalni načrt bomo nato oblikovali na podlagi razgovora. Če v zvezi z izobraževalnim programom že imate nekaj znanja in obvladate določene spretnosti, vam niti ne bo treba opravljati vseh obveznosti, ampak vam bomo določene vnaprej priznali na podlagi ustreznih dokazil.

On this basis, we then work together to design a learning path that is tailored to you:

how and to what extent the courses are delivered according to the programme,

the timetabling of school commitments

As each student receives individual attention, it is possible to adapt their personal education plan.

  • Using ICT in business
  • Computer Science with Technical Communication
  • Control of programmable devices
  • Design and connection of electrical devices
  • Basic circuit design
  • Electrical and communication install

The school will offer:

  • Maintenance of computer equipment
  • Vzdrževanje računalniške opreme
  • AV Communications
  • Computer aided design
  • Web applications in multimedia technology

Practical training through work.

We implement additional content from the programme that will be of maximum benefit to you in your future work.


Check individual calculation

We calculate your tuition fee individually, depending on the number of exams you miss. The price of each course for each year ranges from €140 to €159.

For an exact calculation of your tuition fee, please contact us.

As part of the tuition fee, we offer:

  • lectures in 12 subjects per year,
  • access to materials in electronic format,
  • consultations 1 time per month during the period of the course lectures,
  • group and individual counselling and support, information on the optimal path to reach the goal,
  • unlimited number of examinations during the duration of the contract.

The tuition fee is paid in addition to the registration fee of € 145 and the vocational baccalaureate fee of € 297.

Payment of tuition fees

Tuition fees can be paid by instalments. Instalments can be monthly, half-yearly or yearly. If you run into financial difficulties, you can arrange to change your payment method and continue your studies uninterrupted.

Lower tuition fees with knowledge

Attention! The more knowledge you bring with you, the lower the tuition fee.

We recognise the knowledge you have gained from your previous education or work and enter it in your programme as exams you have passed. They are determined on the basis of an initial interview with the student and the relevant documentation (certificates and supporting documents).

At B2 Sofizo Secondary School, we understand that education
is of paramount importance in shaping the future.

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B2 Sofizo 6

Our professional team of experienced teachers ensures high-quality education that promotes critical thinking, creativity, and independent learning. A collaborative approach enables students to actively engage in the learning process and develop communication and teamwork skills.

Knowledge Guaranteed

A personalized approach

We are constantly monitoring your progress, assisting you, and providing advice. Throughout your education, you will receive our support.

Working on practical examples

Not only theoretical knowledge, but you will also gain skills for successful work in the business environment.

You are at the center of it all

Your success and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Experienced professors

You will acquire practical knowledge and firsthand experience.

You set the pace

We enable you to complete your education in the shortest possible time and offer monthly tuition payments.

Listening to the needs of adults in education

The course and method of education are fully tailored to your needs.

Student testimonials

B2 high school exceeded my expectations. The teaching was interesting, interactive and adapted to our needs.

Marko K.,a former student

The teachers were always ready to help and encourage my progress. The experience at B2 High School was truly exceptional.

Ana S.,high school graduate

The B2 approach to teaching focused on the practical application of knowledge, which allowed me to feel prepared for the challenges of the professional world

Peter M.,a former student

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